Tips for Growing Beautiful Bushy Dahlia Plants in Your Garden

dahliasIf you want to grow dahlias in containers, then you may have to search gardening magazines or the internet to get more information. If you don’t know much about dahlia cultivation, then you may not get the desired result but you could cheat and buy wedding flowers instead. Your dahlias may be low growing or dwarf. On the other hand, you can grow dahlias of any height in a container. But, handling a dwarf variety is little bit easier and you can raise nice bushy dahlia in your balcony or patio.

Different heights of dahlias can be used for a deck garden as the different textures and colors make every dahlia unique. Also, you can classify them according to their shapes and sizes. Make sure your fence panels are secure and sturdy to protect your flowers.

When your dahlia plant gets a minimum of three or four leaves, pinch out the tip of the stalk. Pinching the growth tip helps to create a sturdier and bushier plant. Also, this does not affect the blooming period of the dahlia plant. You can try Pacific Rim Dahlias for better results. If you don’t pinch them, you generally get tall and skinny dahlia plants. If you want larger flowers than more flowers, then the side growth buds also have to be pinched when they set up to develop. Remember, you should pinch the miniature flowered buds.

Pacific Rim Dahlias can be planted at any part of the garden. You should water the plants with developing roots only when the soil becomes completely dry. If the soil is too wet, then more water will damage the roots and the plant may rot. If you want to add some more soil to the wet soil, then you can water the plants.
growing dahliasYou can grow Pacific Rim Dahlias in containers as it has more advantages than other types. You can place the best flower container in the front row when participating in the best flower show and the tall plants can be kept at the back. Also, if you grow them in containers, you can keep the sun stressed dahlias to a shadier place. During hailstorm or thunderstorm, you can move the plants to some safer place only when you grow them in containers. Also, if there is heavy snow or early frost, you can keep the full bloom dahlias or plants with a lot of buds indoors. You can keep them out after some days when the weather becomes warm again and you can get dahlia flowers for some extended period.

You should prevent your dahlia plants from rotting and fungus. In most of the cases, the rotting takes place due to root rot of the plant. This happens due to some fungi that are in the form of molds. Many times gardeners ignore the fungal disease considering them innocuous. Plants with root rotting problems sometimes mimic other common problems like heat and water stress or nutrient deficiency. After finding the exact cause and treatment of the problem, the plants can be treated with a proper fungicide or some other appropriate chemical to make them develop faster and to get improved yields.