Top Engagement Ring Styles In 2017


Most engagement rings tend to be classy enough to stand the test of time, as long as you choose wisely, but there is an element of taking inspiration from current trends for a lot of people. Particularly fashion-focused brides may be keen to get ideas from what’s currently popular, especially based on what some of the best known celebrities and style icons are opting for.

Here are a selection of some of the emerging trends that we expect to see more of this year, based on the best engagement rings we’ve seen from top designers and worn by influential stars.

1) Minimal and simple

The most noticeable aspect of engagement ring design when you look at a selection of recent favourites is the focus on a straightforward, fairly minimalist look. Typically these kind of rings will just feature one diamond, or at least have the focus on one with only tiny decorations surrounding it.

2) Geometric shapes

A big trend that’s emerged recently for engagement rings is the prominence of straight lines, squares and rectangles. This modern, often art deco style deviates somewhat from the traditional classic look, which is probably why it appeals to many brides. Square diamonds are one of the most noticeable current trends.

3) Rose gold

This pink-tinted metallic colour was everywhere in 2016, mainly since it was introduced as a standard iPhone colour, and that is set to continue this year. Engagement rings are no exception, since it’s a flattering colour for jewellery and looks very current.

4) Floral inspiration

Some of the most fashionable new ring settings are taking inspiration from plants and flowers. This may take the form of an organic, intertwining vine or even a collection of petal-shaped diamonds.

5) Vintage, with an opulent twist

As an alternative to genuine vintage engagement rings, many people are opting for variations on classic designs with more elaborate details and decorations added to them. These kinds of designs draw from the elegance of designs that have stood the test of time, and take them to the next level.

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