Countdown to Perfect Wedding Hair



Read magazines for inspiration and make a scrapbook filled with pictures of hairstyles you like. Aim to perfect your usual look for your wedding day rather than do something radical, but if you’re thinking of experimenting with a new colour or cut, now is the time to do it so that there’s time to fix any disasters.  Develop a relationship with your hairstylist, show him a few pictures and listen to his advice as you start thinking about your look. Get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks – even if you’re trying to grow it – and give your hair regular conditioning treatments.

Three to Four Monthswedding-hair-and-make-up-glasgow-2

Make a formal consultation appointment with your hairstylist. Take your scrapbook of clippings with you and discuss different options and if they suit your personality, dress and wedding theme. Try a home treatment on your hair to keep it in good condition, especially during the dry season as it can easily become frizzy and dehydrated from the sun.

Try this at home:

• To improve gloss and shine, rinse your hair with soda water.

• To add moisture, comb wet hair with warm olive oil and leave to soak for a few minutes before shampooing as normal.

• To stimulate root growth and soothe your scalp, blend an egg yolk with a few tablespoons of honey and leave on your hair for a few hours before shampooing as normal.

One to Two Months

Book your trial runs and plan them in the morning to gauge the staying power of your hairstyle. Take your veil or headpiece and accessories with you and try them on when your hair is done. Discuss your bridesmaids’ hairstyles and accessories, and plan how the schedule will work on the day. Make sure your stylist is actually available on your wedding day and allow extra time for any unexpected delays. A nice idea is to treat your mum to a trial run and conditioning hair treatment.

Two Weeks

Have your final colour treatment as well as a good trim. This will give your hair time to settle.

The Day Before

Check with your hairstylist if you should wash and condition your hair the day before, or on the morning of your wedding day. It will depend on your hair type and chosen style, but most hairstylists recommend doing it the day before as your hair will be easier to handle and style.

On the Day

Have a glass of bubbly in the salon with your mum and bridesmaids to calm the nerves, sit back and enjoy a few quiet moments to yourself while your hairstylist works his magic. Remember to wear a button-up shirt so you can change easily later on without ruining your hair. If you have an intricate headpiece, ask your hairstylist to come to your home to help you put it on once you are dressed in your wedding gown. One of your bridesmaids should keep a small can of emergency hairspray and a few extra hairpins in case any of you need to fix wispy, flyaway
Top tips for your big day from hairstylist Shayo from Shwhy Makeovers;

• Don’t suddenly go for a drastic new look that will have your groom and your guests wondering who (or where) you are!

• Correct use of hair products is essential; make sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner, such as anti-frizz products for a sleeker style and volumisers for a fuller one – believe it or not this makes a big difference.

• Choose the right colour bobby pins for your hair – gold pins for blonde hair and black pins for darker hair. Nothing looks worse than seeing the pins sticking out of an up style.


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