Hidden Wedding Costs You Might Not Have Accounted For


You need to work out a budget before you start planning for any wedding, but of course things might not go exactly as you planned. It’s easy to miss things off your list at the beginning of the planning process, when there’s already so much to consider, so try running through this list of common omissions and check that everything is accounted for so you don’t go wildly over-budget.

Service charges

If you’re hiring staff to wait on tables, serve drinks at the bar and so on, you need to remember to check if service charges are already included in the price, or whether you will be expected to pay this bill on top of everything else after the wedding.

Other venue costs

The venue you have chosen may choose to include or exclude certain facilities from the price you pay. For example, check whether renting the supplies for laying your tables (e.g. cutlery, linen and even chairs) is actually included. Cleaning fees are also important to clarify and often forgotten.

Delivery charges

As well as the cost of food, drinks, flowers and other supplies, you must take into account any delivery fees associated with these, as they can be a significant expense. This is especially true if you have ordered anything last minute or booked a very specific delivery slot.

Contingency plans

If you have a backup plan due to the potential for things like the weather to disrupt your plans, make sure you actually set aside money to pay for those things. This might include hiring a wedding marquee at the last minute (although you should have it reserved already) in case rain threatens to ruin your outdoor plans.

Legal fees

This shouldn’t be expensive, but you do need to remember that getting married actually costs money. You will need to pay for your marriage licence as well as the fees for whoever carries out the official ceremony.

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